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Shot Blasting Machine | Paver Block

Paver block shot blasting machine of capacity 3000 - 4000 sqft/day with shot impellers - 3 HP x 2 motors, block feeder belt conveyor with 1 HP x 1 motor with adjustable feed speed through AC drive, steel shots recovery & recycling belt & bucket system with 2 HP x 1 motor. Dust Collecting blower with pneumatic pipe lines and 5 HP x 1 motor with dust collecting cloth bag filters and electrical control panel complete with starters & switches.

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Capacity 3000 TO 4000 Sqft/day
Paver Block feeding and removel Manual
No.of Pass Depending upon finish required(normally one or two)
Steel shot Size 1.5 mm (approx)
Paver Conveyor belt Nylon belt 5 ply with rubber top, 600 mm width endless
Shot impellers Manganese Steels
Short protection Manganese Steels plates lining inside the shot Chamber
Dust collection By blower with pneumatic pipes and cloth bag filters
Cabin Size 1000*2000 mm
Cabin height 1750 mm
Turbine motor 3H.P *2 nos
Blower motor 5.HP *1no.
Elevator motor 2.HP *1no.
Conveyor motor 1.HP *1no.
Elevator Gear Box SAU 287 -1no.
Conveyor Gear Box SAV 200 -1no.
Conveyor width 600 mm chain type
Conveyor length 4000 mm
Conveyor top from Floor level 900 mm
Cabin lining Manganese steel plate lining
Operating Style Manual
Dust Collector Size 1350 * 1350 * 2000 mm
Dust filtering System Fabric Filter Cloth System
Shots Opening and Closing System pneumatically
Panel Power required 14 HP
Height of the machine above the ground level 3800 mm