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Interlock Wall Blocks Making Machines

Economically and ergonomically designed & Fabricated with regenerative Bi-dynamic pressing system to get speedy production. The moulds are lined with hardened material to give more life. Manual and automatic system options with different loads of pressing capacity to suit customer requirement. This machine has two separate working stations powered by 10 H.P. hydraulic power pack. Each station (mould) has separate hand operated valves to activate pressing and lid cylinders. By proper timing of the cylinder operations, through valve, maximum production can be achieved.

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Pressing Capacity Power Production Rate
20 Tonnes 10 H.P 30 Sec./block
Accessory Machinery Supplied
10/7 Concrete Mixer (Stand Type) 3.H.P
150 Kg Capacity Pan Mixer 5.H.P
Screeni9ng Machine 1.H.P
Pulveriser 7.5 H.P