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High Density Block Making Machine - HDM - 1500

In this High Density Concrete Block Making Machine, wooden or steel pallets fed and located by the chain conveyor, on high frequency vibrating table. Mould is filled manually which is over the pallet. The mix is pressed and vibrated on both sides simultaneously, resulting in voids free, high density blocks with excellent texture and finish. The blocks thus formed are voids free, 30% more denser which makes the block less water obsorbtion and manifold increase in strength which is not at all achievable in egg laying and hand operated machines. Our Specialized Products Concrete Block Making Machines Flyash Bricks Making Machine Designer Cement Tiles / Pavers Interlock Wall Blocks Making Machines Concrete Mixers Shot Blasting Machine Machine Imported From China Formed blocks are dragged away from the machine by the chain conveyor and handled manually.

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Technical Specifications
Production capacity (50-60 Strokes/Hour)
Hydralic pump motor 10 h.p.-1440 rpm
mould table vibrator 5 h.p.-210 H.P.6000 rpm
Ram vibrator 5HP *2 10 H.P.6000 rpm
Conveyor chain Drive 2H.P.1400 rpm
Mould Table Size 600 x 800 m.m
Hydraulic Load Developed & Applied on Concrete blocks by Ram 4000 kg
No. of blocks per stroke 200 * 200 * 400 mm 2/3 Nos.
150 * 200 * 400 mm 3/4 Nos.
100 * 200 * 400 mm 4/6 Nos.
230 * 110 * 75 mm 10 Nos.