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Hand Operated Concrete Block Making Machine.

It is a stand type Hand Operated Block making Machine versatile to shift to any working site to cast blocks on wooden pallet. The machine have top pressing ram operated by the toggle mechanism. Bottom plate is vibrated with efficient light weight adjustable amplitude eccentric vibrator. With the mechanical advantage developed by the toggle with small manual force the knock of the virbrations are bolstered to the blocks effectively. This results concrete with less voids and higher strength or lesser cement for the same strength attained by the other machines. By pressing the Operating Lever, the mould leaves the blocks on the wooden pallet. The block with the wooden pallet is removed and kept for wet drying manually. Good quality of Concrete blocks are achievable with adjustable amplitude and very high frequency vibration, driven by a 1.5 HP (Single/ 3 Phase) electric motor.

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Technical Specifications Single Block Machine
Power 1.5 HP Single / Three Phase motor (or) 4.4 HP Air Cooled diesel engine.
Vibration 6000 Hz
Amplitude Adjustable
Moulding area 350 X 750 mm (max)
Weight 350 Kg (approx.)
Dimension 840 x 750 x 1800 mm (max)
Capacity* 250 - 300 Strokes / Shift
200 x 200 x 400 250 - 500 Blocks / Shift
150 x 200 x 400 250 - 500 Blocks / Shift
100 x 200 x 400 500 - 600 Blocks / Shift